Asia-Pacific Retro Film Festival
Creative heritage: “Asia-Pacific Retro Film Festival” combines traditional benshi and the concept of talk show to reinterpret old classics.

APFF has been a significant part of film festival history for six decades.

Therefore, the festival has selected movies from three generations, showcasing their settings, struggles, and styles.

The Bear Men Film Studio

The Bear Men Film Studio has been passed down through three generations and has witnessed the prosper and the recession of the open-air theaters. The veteran 35mm cine projector engineer with 40 years of practice will be screening on tour. This retro setting of movie-viewing experience will exhibit how films were played back in the old day, and by combing the new technology, movie screening is never the same.

熊南人電影映像工作室 熊南人電影映像工作室

BannSehn(Playing the Role of God)

Taiwan has a high density of temples, and most entertainments and celebrations revolve around them and their whereabouts. In the past, before screening starts, actors will dress up and put up performances to notify the gods and to also pray for peace and good luck for the upcoming event. The performance will also end with the actors distributing “fortune candies” to the audiences. The festival arranged such act for a retrospect of the good old times when watching a film in front of a temple.

The 50 Avenue - Classic Movie Posters

Another trait of the Retro Film Festival worth mentioning is the old movie posters exhibition. Before, movie posters were hand-drawn on the canvases. Regardless, as the improvement of materials and printing technics, the posters were slowly altering and were displayed differently. Various printing technics, color presentations, formats, compositions, and copyrighting were representing different times and trends.

The Movies of the Era

Friday, August 24th, 2018 Opening - Old Mo’s Second Spring
70's of the Republic Era - Marriage Pattern Changing

Released in 1984, set in the 1960’s in a military kindred village in Taiwan. Old Mo married a much younger aboriginal woman. The age and cultural differences were usually the topics of gossips. This movie will be played with a 35mm cine projector, which brings the audience back to the 70’s and enjoys a reminiscence of the noise from the machine.

Saturday, August 25th, 2018 Silent Film Selection - Love and Duty
National Treasure Classic - "Love and Duty" in Tainan

In the 30’s, film viewing was first introduced in Taiwan. Many films were still silent. Even with the presence of the subtitles, some of the audience still failed to read them. Thus, the need for the profession, benshi, was then developed. The presence of benshi during a movie screening usually serves the function of narrating, dubbing, as well as explaining the plots. The festival values this tradition and legacy; thus, invited the exclusive senior bench, Mr. Chen Chuí Zhōng, aged 83, and Taiwanese producer, Lu Zhì Jie, to perform and recreate the silent-movie viewing experience.

Sunday, August 26th, 2018 Closing Film - Back to the Good Times
"Billion Boxing King" - the Only Miracle of the New Year's Film

New Year Film - A blockbuster that made over a hundred million. Selected to be the iconic film of the new generation, Back to the Good Times will be perfect for the open-air theater along with the god-worshiping activities and the crowd. The setting of the movie is of a simple and traditional Taiwanese community. The story is full of waves of laughter and tears.


Event Date

August 24th ~ 26th 2018

16:00 ~ 22:00 (Started at 16:30)


County West Road (Fuqian Road to Dayong Street Section) and Baoan Road (Haian Road to Kangle Street), Zhongxi District, Tainan City

Registration: Tickets are free

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